The core curriculum is based on the Illinois Early Learning Standards supported by the Illinois Learning Standards and focuses on developmentally appropriate activities tailored to the needs of each child.  Greek language instruction, technology and religion are also taught in the preschool program.

The reading readiness skills students develop at this age include recognizing and writing their own name, 用插图来理解故事, 意识到印刷的多重目的, 从左到右阅读, 背诵和识别字母表, 知识的正面和背面的书, 介绍作家和插画家, 通过抄写复制信件, 意识到开始音-字母的关联, 一串字母组成了一个单词, and the use of pictographs and sentence/picture journals.

我们用快乐拼读法! Jolly Phonics is an innovative program that approaches “learning letters” from a child centered perspective. The multi-sensory method focuses on synthetic phonics, 每个字母的发音在哪里被重读, 而不仅仅是信的名字. Utilizing Jolly Phonics allows for 5 core skills to be developed including: letter sounds, 信的形成, 混合, identifying sounds in words and identification of tricky words and letter combinations.  The combined use of physical motions to help the children remember each sound provides multiple sensory engagement.  
A key focus in our early learning mathematics curriculum is to develop the children’s number sense. This is achieved through daily hands-on math encounters. To develop an awareness of numeration, students use manipulatives to make one-to-one correspondence. The three-year-olds are expected to recognize and count from 1 to 10, 还有从1岁到20岁的四岁孩子. They can also estimate more and less, and use number books. Geometry work includes free play with tanagrams and wooden blocks, 能够说出基本的形状(圆), 广场, 三角形, 矩形, 明星, 八角, 几何立体), 在日常物品中识别这些形状, and use the shapes in art activities such as collages. Four year old students write calendars to understand days, weeks and months. Children learn about measuring during hands-on activities such as water and sand play with volume (pails, 气缸, 盒子, 等.), 自由使用测量工具, and weighing activities using a beginner’s scale as well as bi-monthly cooking projects.
The objective of the science curriculum is to make the world familiar to children via hands-on explorations of everyday objects. The course outline includes units that arise from the children’s interests, 还有天气, 细菌, 颜色和混色, 磁铁, 植物和花卉, 臭虫和昆虫, 泡沫, 婴儿与人类成长, 和动物.

The Orthodox faith is a core component to our school mission. Students 明星t the day with prayer and end the day by venerating the class icon as they exit the room. Our faith serves as the foundation for all aspects of the school day. Preschool students attend Liturgy whenever possible. 作为他们课程的一部分, religious instruction emphasizes identification of different items in icons, 礼仪日历的要素, 以及对所有主要节日的基本了解.

The primary goal of the social studies component is to understand the world we live in, 从七大洲来到我们的家乡. Our staff works with topics including differences and similarities among people, 朋友, 和家庭, while keeping the focus on the fact that we are all God’s children.

涵盖的基本主题包括问候, 从1到10的数字, 颜色, 动物, 身体部位, 家庭, 食物和感觉. Students attend weekly lessons in small groups that complement the weekly preschool theme for the week. 在这些课程中,他们使用各种各样的技能, 比如切割, 着色, 匹配, 写作和唱歌.

Young children are primarily process-oriented artists. Multiple opportunities to explore the media are necessary before they can be expected to create a purposeful art piece. 正因为如此, the preschool art program does not focus on the end product, but rather on the process that the child experiences. 通过设计面向过程的艺术体验, 孩子们的绘画技巧, 绘画, 粘贴, 切割, 撕裂, and sculpting can be extended to their fullest potential. Furthermore, all artistic endeavors, great or small, are appreciated. With that being said we do make special craft projects through out the year. Students use the following media throughout the school year: pencils, 标记, 蜡笔, 蛋彩画颜料, 水彩, 粘土, 彩笔, 粉笔, 拼贴和玩面团.

The physical education program encourages gross-motor and fine-motor development. 孩子们玩得很开心, 互动心血管活动, 在教室和体育馆都有, while also working on their social skills (taking turns, following rules and directions) and academic knowledge (counting, 字母, 颜色).

笔迹 Without Tears is used with our 3 and 4 year old students.  Research supports the active teaching of handwriting.  Recent findings demonstrate that writing by hand improves creative writing skills and fine motor skills.  With the adoption of the Illinois Learning Standards, the emphasis and expectations placed on classroom note-taking and expository writing in grades K-5 is greater than ever.  我们的学生喜欢与角色互动, learning the songs and participating in the writing activities.

Prekindergarten students receive instruction each week in physical education to promote healthy physical development and align to the Illinois Early Learning Development Standards (IELDS).  The domain of physical development and health includes preschool benchmarks in:  movement skills, 体育活动中的规则和安全, team building skills and principles of health promotion and prevention and human body systems.  另外, all preschool students receive instruction through age-appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention through Erin's Law presentations.